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By  ongoing  process of  updating  our most   modern  set  up ,  we  offer  following  services .
Live  3D  4D sonography - first  time  in  Surat among all  hospitals
  1. 3 rd and  4th  Hitachi Live 3D 4D  sono  machines  in India
  2. first  private  hospital  in Asia . to buy  two  3D4D sono units

Microsurgery  and  tubal  re-anastomosis  by  CO2 Laser   First  time  in Surat

Colour  Doppler for  fetal  wellbeing

Pregnancy  care   and   neonatal  care

Endoscopy : diagnostic  and  operative Laparoscopy  and  hysteroscopy

Vaginal  hysterectomy :  removal  of uterus  and  other   operations   by  vaginal  route  with  minimum  complications  and  minimum  hospital  stay  of  about  1-2  days .

Thermal balloon ablation for  excessive periods

Menopause  clinic  and  cancer  detection  clinic


Watch  LIVE  SURGERY   of   your  beloved   on  your  computer  through  our  website  from  anywhere  in  the  world
Hospital has qualified well trained staff, round the clock resident doctors and visiting physician, surgeon, pediatrician ,orthopedic surgeon , full time three gynecologists and other super specialists  ,  providing International quality of facilities, equipment and expertise  

We accept  challenge  to  manage  any  serious  patient  . 

Our  aim  is  “  Best  ,    Quick and  most  affordable   treatment for  ALL   ”

Walk in confidently and get all the   problems solved.


Maternity  clinic :  antenatal , postnatal classes, parent craft  classes and child  birth preparation :    Diet Nutrition  , Drugs Medication  ,  Exercise  , Relaxation  and Common Complaints   Labour Analgesia : Pain Management  ,  Epidural Analgesia  facility  for  painless delivery  , Assisted Deliveries   Post Delivery   Changes in the body  , Nutrition, Breast Feeding, General Body Care , Common New Born complaints , Contraception  and getting back to Shape
 Round  the  clock  obstetricians , , sonography – colour  doppler and  realtime 3D/4D  sono–first time  in  Surat , NST – monitoring of  fetus 

Infertility   and  Endoscopy clinic :  Diagnostic  Laparoscopy , Laparoscopic  solutions  for – fibroids ,endometriosis , polycystic ovarian disease  , ovarian cysts ,adhesions , tubal  block , chocolate  cysts    ,follicular studies by   Doppler  , IUI-intrauterine insemination ,IVF /ICSI  
Hysteroscopic  solutions  for  fibroids , polyps,septum , adhesions
Complete work  up for  infertility

CO2  Laser solutions  (first  in  Surat)  for  cervical  laser surgery , vaginal  &  vulvar  laser surgery, adhesiolysis  , endometriosis  , fallopian  tube anastomosis  , debridement  of  radiation ulcers

Menorrhagia clinic :  Hysteroscopic endometrial resection and  thermal  balloon ablation

Hysterectomy  clinic  : Laparoscopic  removal of uterus of  any  size  , vaginal  hysterectomy  , LAVH – Laparoscopically  assisted vaginal  hysterectomy. 

Menopause  clinic  and  cancer  detection  clinic  : emotional  support , hormonal  replacement therapy , colposcopic  solutions  for  cancer  detection ,mammography ,biopsy ,  extended surgeries

Visiting consultants  -for pediatrics, surgery , medicine, oncomedicine,cancersurgery, plastic ,uro surgery, gastroenterology etc run their clinics , too.Call us to  get  more  detail.

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